Amandine Pellissard (Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL) dévoile les coulisses de ses vacances avec 8 enfants !

From the very first season of the TF1 program in july 2020, viewers got to know the Pellissard. Alexander and his beautiful tribe very quickly caused a sensation among the public by opening the doors of their daily life to the cameras of Large families, life in XXL. In this sense, more and more Internet users have followed them on social networks in order to discover their new adventures. Especially since the third part of the show just ended on July 6, 2021. Their followers were thus able to observe behind the scenes of their vacation eventful to say the least thanks to the recent publication ofAmandine Pellissard.

The “reality” with eight children

From the start of the school year, the clan of Alexandre and Amandine rempiles for a fourth part. Indeed, TF1 has already formalized season 4. Something to rejoice the fans who continue to follow them on Instagram while waiting for their return to the screen. Mother of eight knows how to do it to hold their attention. Lately, the pretty brunette had announced thatshe is pregnant. Yes, the tribe will grow. This time around, she talked about her hectic vacation with her husband and their offspring. Obviously, it is quite difficult for parents to deal with them all at the same time. Anyway, it is always a pleasure for them to be together with their family and to change their minds after this incident in the city of Alès.

Alexandre and Dédé – © instagram / @ famille.pellissard.tf1

Octave nicknamed Dede had indeed cried. Still, the whole family was in the pool having fun. Although the young woman has not revealed the reason, we can imagine that the youngest was afraid of water or that he had felt a little neglected. In all cases, the parents had reassured him very quickly and everything suggests that the rest of this day in the sun had gone well. The proof is that the beautiful tribe has posed on the shores of the Mediterranean. The great absent is nothing else that Leo who passed his patent. The rest of the clan is still present in this photo. There again, it was not an easy task for Amandine and Alexandre.

“So here is a PERFECTLY IMPARFECT photo, AS WE LOVE AT THE PELLISSARDS ❤” – © instagram / @ famille.pellissard.tf1

The tight-knit Pellissard couple

Like Cindy and Sébastien Van Der Auwera who have found this tip to go on vacation with their 11 children, Amandine and Alexandre are also very close friends. It must be said that the pretty brunette needs her husband more than ever because of the problems she is facing. Except waves of criticism that the pregnant woman regularly receives on social networks, she was also the target of identity theft. Last I heard, she had demanded the dismissal of this CAF agent. While waiting for a response to her request, she can always count on the unwavering support of her husband.

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard
Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard – © instagram / @ famille.pellissard.tf1

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